Mozilla’s Take on the Intersection Between the Browser and Network

Browsing isn’t the same as it was when we started building browsers. Web content is everywhere, web technology is everywhere, and we want to empower developers and accelerate development. In his keynote from Stream Conf 2016, David Bryant, VP Platform Engineering at Mozilla, gives an overview of how developments in the modern browser have facilitated the arrival, and spread, of realtime technology on the web.

Included in the talk is his perspective on looking upstack into the browser and the user experiences you can build using the technology that it provides. He also looks at the intersection between upstack browser experiences and downstack network and data streaming. Lastly, he discusses what Mozilla is working on that will help us rethink how we build in realtime, data-driven environments, and create end-user experiences on top of it.

David Bryant runs the platform engineering group at Mozilla, responsible for the core web technologies used at Mozilla to build product.

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