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Meet Stipop: Chat Stickers for Fun and Engaging Chat

3 min read Inna Karmolit on Jan 18, 2021
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Stipop's Chat Sticker API lets developers easily implement a rich library of over 250,000 chat stickers into their PubNub chat apps, helping users find the exact image to express their emotions in cha...

This guest blog comes from Inna Karmolit, product manager at Stipop. Stipop provides a white-label sticker API solution that empowers companies to provide creative emotive stickers for in-app chat experiences. Check out our Stipop integration for PubNub Chat, and add some increased joy, fun, and engagement to your chat app today.

We can't always express the right emotion through text messages alone. But even with emoji and message reactions, it’s not always easy to find the right illustration for how we’re feeling. That is why having stickers onboard is an absolute necessity for any chat app these days. Sharing stickers is more than an exchange of fun drawings. We send them so we can be truly heard and understood, and to build meaningful relationships with one another. 

With Stipop chat stickers, any app with a messaging feature can access the world's most extensive sticker library. We offer over 250,000 chat stickers to complement your users' unique communication style.

For that reason, we’ve partnered with PubNub in order to give customers an easy way to create engaging, emotive chat experiences. With the Stipop Chat Stickers API integration, PubNub developers can give their users access to a regularly updated sticker library complete with an easy search function. Developers can also use the Stipop API to capture users’ sticker preferences, making it easy for them to quickly find the exact sticker they need to express themselves in the moment.

Stipop Overview Image

The Details

In addition to our library of stickers, developers who add the Stipop integration to their PubNub-built app get access to:

  • Charts of the top-performing content based on global data, to make sure your users have access to the most popular sticker packs for their location.

  • Fast and easy user-facing search, so they can find the right sticker for the moment.

  • Favorite boards, so you users can have their favorite stickers always at hand. 

  • Weekly updates, with more than 1,000 stickers added every week.

  • UI kit with diverse themes and assets.

With all of these features, our chat stickers are an excellent fit for:

  • Any app with in-app chat, a comments section, or direct messages.

  • Any industry that relies on the power of communication, especially live events, customer service chats, gaming, e-learning, and digital collaboration. 

  • Any device, whether it's mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Sample Use Cases

To kick-start your imagination, here are a few examples of how you can use Stipop chat stickers to engage your users and grow your app.

Connect a global audience 

Localized in 25 languages, and with new languages added every month, Stipop chat stickers are a great way to expand your app presence globally. There are also seasonal sticker packs created by local artists specifically for unique regional or national holidays. With over 7,000 active sticker artists from around the world, Stipop provides a wide variety of stickers to appeal to any taste and culture, and allows your users to communicate and connect through authentic, emotive, and culturally meaningful imagery.

Personalize and customize communication 

Depending on your app's nature, you can select the sticker packs you would like to show to your users. You can easily switch them on and off when necessary, so you have full control over the content your users will access. 

Generate revenue with a sticker store

You can choose whether to provide the stickers for free or sell them to your users. A paid sticker store can be an excellent option for extra revenue for your app. Even if you decide to offer the sticker packs (or some of them) for free, you can switch later and change it to a revenue-generating sticker store. 

Getting started with Stipop

To get started with Stipop, check out our Stipop API Documentation. It features sample code, a quick start guide, and in-depth tutorials to better understand how the installation process works. Then sign up at the Stipop Dashboard to get a unique API key. After that, add our Stipop PubNub integration in the PubNub dashboard to bring our stickers directly into your PubNub-powered chat.

Get started with PubNub

Stipop also offers camera stickers for videos, video calls, and live streaming, and profile stickers or sticker icons. Learn more about the full spectrum of products here.

Are you an integration or development partner interested in contributing to our blog? Just send us a content proposal, and we'll get in touch with you right away!

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