Managing Priorities & Changing Landscape Key to App Success

Managing Priorities & Changing Landscape Key to App Success- Social.jpg

We're excited to release our Application Development & Real-Time Interactivity Benchmarking Report! Surveying over 600 App Development professionals, the study paints a clearer picture of the sometimes competing priorities and ever-evolving technological landscape faced by app development teams worldwide. The survey respondents come from various industries and are directly involved in app development or product management at their organizations.

The report identifies several major takeaways for app development organizations, including:

These findings reinforce that companies can build competitive and engaging apps that end users return to by addressing security concerns, leveraging third-party services effectively, and prioritizing user experience.

“We wanted insight into how app development teams view today’s app landscape, where they’re headed in the future, and how that relates to delivering the most useful, engaging apps that end users enjoy,” said PubNub Co-Founder and CEO Todd Greene, “what we learned was that striking a balance between building in “must have” functionality while maintaining reliability and security is a big concern.”

You can download a copy of the report here.