Introduction to PubNub Data Storage and Playback

1 min read Developer Relations Team on Feb 5, 2014

Data Storage and PlaybackPubNub Data Storage and Playback (sometimes called ‘history’) allows you to store real-time message streams for future retrieval and playback. Data Storage and Playback populates chat, collaboration, and machine configuration on app load, stores message streams with real-time data management, retrieves historical data streams, then replays live events during rebroadcasting.

Storage and Playback is made up of three features:

  1. Storage: stores real-time data for any length of time
  2. History: retrieves messages across a specified time period
  3. Replay: publishes all messages in the order and time originally sent

Getting Started with Data Storage and Playback

Want to get started right away?

We have a Getting Started with Data Storage and Playback Guide with our JavaScript SDK in our recently revamped documentation. From channels to API keys to API functions, you can find everything you need to know about Storage and Playback and JavaScript there!

Additionally, check out our full Storage & Playback tutorial.

Use Cases for Data Storage and Playback

  • PubNub Messenger: Learn to build a chat application that includes the Storage & Playback feature

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