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Introducing the Native Kotlin SDK for PubNub

2 min readDavid Lin on Jul 6, 2020
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With a native Kotlin SDK, you can build Android applications using PubNub with best practices baked in.

In our continuous quest to deliver a world-class developer experience, we’re pleased to introduce our new PubNub Kotlin SDK

Kotlin has emerged as the default programming language for modern Android applications. This SDK therefore allows Android developers to use PubNub in their applications without compromise or guesswork. Instead, you can use this SDK to implement PubNub features natively in Android applications, with all the concision, safety, and productivity benefits of developing with Kotlin.

While it is certainly possible to use the PubNub Java SDK for a Kotlin application, the new, native Kotlin SDK provides assurances that the operational functionalities match expectations for a seasoned Kotlin developer.

Solving Developer Problems

Thanks to Google’s endorsement, Kotlin is set to become the default programming language for Android applications. With PubNub’s native Kotlin SDK, you can use all of PubNub’s features in modern Android applications with certainty. 

Our native Kotlin SDK implements PubNub features with common Kotlin practices and patterns, providing a better developer experience and easier onboarding for seasoned Kotlin developers. Additionally, using a native Kotlin SDK means that you can write native code with the confidence that their application follows the intended patterns built into the Kotlin language, giving you best-practices baked in.

The PubNub Kotlin SDK is used like any other Kotlin library. Simply import it into your application using the native klib Kotlin Library Manager tool, and get building.

A Better Developer Experience

Developers using the native PubNub Kotlin SDK can use patterns and practices common to Kotlin developers without having to “guess” how a PubNub feature might work in their Kotlin application. 

With proper patterns and documentation already built into the native Kotlin SDK, developers creating Kotlin applications get swift and pleasant onboarding experience, and they can get started on developing their applications right away.

This SDK is officially supported by PubNub. That means that, if you ever need to work with PubNub Support, you can expect that they’ll be on the same page when it comes to how you intended for the application to work, making it quicker and easier to get solutions.

Because Kotlin was created to work in tandem with Java, migrating an application from Java to Kotlin is also seamless, as it can be done in the same code base. This interoperability makes it easy to upgrade and convert applications to Kotlin. Needless to say, any new or up to date Android developer will feel at home using our native Kotlin SDK.

To read more about this release, visit our native Kotlin SDK documentation. If you have questions, please reach out to Happy building!

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