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Increase visibility of your data with PubNub Insights

2 min read Cres Hay on May 17, 2023
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 It can be challenging to build and deliver features to market, and it’s not always easy to view how the implementation is going. In fact, many of our customers raise this as a challenge. ”Without analytics, I am flying blind and have a hard time figuring out what I should do next to meet our objectives." 

To help you confidently make evidence-based decisions, we launched PubNub Insights—a set of dashboards accessible via your PubNub admin portal that provides visibility into your PubNub implementation through easy-to-use, no-code, interactive charts and graphs. 

Making app utilization measurements a simple task

The initial focus for Insights is foundational, giving you turnkey metrics that include aggregate counts of your users, messages, and channels that can be filtered by location and time periods in various date ranges. You can then identify patterns and anomalies, monitor trends, and make tactical decisions to meet your goals—without having to choose between utilizing resources for your core product and spending resources on measuring it.

In short, you instantly have a way to analyze how your app is getting used, identify issues, and plan for the future. 

Get more out of your PubNub data without spending additional resources  

With Insights, you see your PubNub metrics on four key dashboards that include interactive maps and charts, plus features to let you do additional analysis offline. 

Snapshot is the first dashboard that loads by default, and it provides a quick at-a-glance view across your users, channels, and messages or publishes. 

The other three dashboards—Channels, Users, and Messages—allow you to do deeper dives into each category by timeframe or location, where applicable. They provide the top channels, users, and message types based on chosen categories. You can also define your own metric to track through the dashboard message settings.

Ready to get started with PubNub Insights? 

The Insights Standard package is automatically available to PubNub customers on the Starter & Pro plans at no additional cost. 

To view your Insights dashboard:

  1. Login via the PubNub admin portal.

  2. Click the Insights link on the left.

  3. Follow the prompts to activate.  

Looking to learn more about how Insights is valuable? Visit the Insights page.