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Senior Content Strategist, PubNub

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    ElasticSearch is a phenomenal data store — its easy approach to scalability using symmetric nodes has dramatically improved the way we operate scalable persistence services. With this huge success, we find that some challenges still remain — especially in operating ElasticSearch across geographically distant clusters for fault-tolerance and disaster recovery.

    elasticsearch replication

    You can check out our multi data center ElasticSearch replication quick start guide here to get started right away. Or if you want to learn more, watch the video below.

    Multi Data Center ElasticSearch Replication

    In this talk, PubNub Evangelist Sunny Gleason shares a set of new, open source ElasticSearch plugins that he’s built that use the PubNub fault-tolerant global data stream network as a medium for cross-cluster document replication and indexing. This includes a storage event listener for document change propagation and a new ElasticSearch River for indexing.

    Implementing Realtime Geo-replication with ElasticSearch from PubNub on Vimeo.

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