HTML5 Mobile Chat Easily with jQuery

2 min read Michael Carroll on Mar 14, 2012

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Get started quickly with your mobile app development with jQuery Mobile and PubNub. In just 125 HTML+CSS+JavaScript lines of code, I wrote this mobile chat app in under an hour. It was so easy to take advantage of the UI Components of jQuery Mobile and bind them into the Publish and Subscribe PubNub APIs. All the code you need is available on our GitHub Repository. Want to see it in action?

Check out the live HTML5 mobile chat demo here:
HTML5 Mobile Chat Easily with jQuery

HTML5 Mobile Chat + jQuery

Only the basic jQuery functions were used to get this app into action such as bind(), click() and scrollTop(). Then we used the PubNub publish() and subscribe() functions to allow cross-phone communication. The rest was simple because PubNub provides a reliable mobile connection between iPhones/Android devices and jQuery take care of the UI joy.

You’ll first need to sign up for a PubNub account. Once you sign up, you can get your unique PubNub keys in the PubNub Developer Portal.