Go Programming Language SDK Available on PubNub

2 min read Mathew Jenkinson on Jun 4, 2014

Our ever-expanding list of PubNub supported SDKs has its newest member: Go Programming Language. Golang is server side technology that you can use to build server side applications that gives you a great interprocess distributed communication network. Say you’re building a Q based system that needs to be highly reliable across a number of different machines, Golang is the way to go.

Go Programming Language and PubNub

Developers can now use the Golang SDK to set up a programming environment with the PubNub client. Our Google Go SDK allows developers to Send/Receive low latency messages from within Google Go to outside world devices like mobile phones and IoT embedded devices. It’s easy to get started. Simply run `go get` from command line. Some features of the Golang SDK include:

  1. Supports multiplexing, UUID, SSL, Encryption, Proxy and godoc
  2. Error callback: all the error messages are routed to this callback channel
  3. Subscribe with timetoken
  4. Multiple messages received in a single response from the server will now be split into individual messages

The full Golang SDK GitHub repository can be seen here.

Golang In Action uses Go Programming Language for their queue system, that allowed them to build a reliable and distributed queue infrastructure. found that using Golang made their infrastructure not only faster, but also more concurrent. You can read more about’s success with Golang in their blog post: “How We Went From 3o Servers to 2: Go”

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