Getting started with PubNub: 7 ways customers use us

5 min read Zoe Ferland on May 1, 2023

With over 2000 customers, PubNub handles the infrastructure needed to create scalable apps that enable real-time interactions.

Why should you care about Build vs. Buy? 

While building your own application is rewarding and fun, there is so much more to it than at first glance. There is a massive difference in scalability potential in an in-house build vs. a buy. This is because you cannot scale a messaging server the same way you scale APIs. For example, if you have a pool of users, you have to choose which server they go to and would then have to stick to that server, but when you load balance with an API server, you can do a round-robin which allows for load sharing. PubNub also has a design model that will enable you to scale horizontally for as large as you want. This is beneficial for customers with massive scalability concerns for an event in a short time. 

PubNub flowchart

Who uses PubNub? 

The prominent use cases for PubNub exist in Gaming, telehealth, E-learning, live events, rideshare/taxi, food delivery, and marketplaces

Why use it for Gaming

Because it makes Gaming industry so much more immersive and engaging for the users! PubNub offers developers tools to build online/offline player rosters and use notifications to drive engagement. Using PubNub, a gamer could know who is offline and who is on, and the game could also send alerts to bring gamers back and share highlights of in-game events as they happen. PubNub also offers ways in which developers can use live stats, scores, leaderboards, streams, and live score updates in real-time. PubNub has embedded in-app chat and allows developers to keep filters for content moderation and analyze content to learn game usage trends. PubNub powers many games on the app market, and some notable companies are MAYHEM, SCOPELY, and PocketGems.

WarDragons logo

PocketGems started working with PubNub to power the in-game chat and multiplayer functionality for the game War Dragons. In the end, PocketGems chose PubNub because they needed a real-time scalable communication solution to make their games more immersive for the users and so their engineering team could focus on other problems that are unique to their business.

Why use PubNub for telehealth

Because Covid-19 has shown us that it is important to be able to talk to your doctor online from the comfort and safety of your own home! And because PubNub offers HIPAA-compliant in-app chat! HIPAA compliance means that there is secure messaging and protected patient data. With PubNub, telehealth developers can enhance the patient experience through in-app chat for at-home treatment, real-time notifications, and location tracking to ensure patients get to their needed care facility. With HIPAA-compliant chat, PubNub-backed telehealth applications can reduce no-shows, speed up consultations, lessen the headache of patient hand-off, and minimize overhead costs by improving efficiency. Some companies that use PubNub for telehealth are Doxy, athenahealth, and ZOLL.

App images showing the PubNub customer journey

ZOLL uses PubNub for a reliable, speedy, and HIPAA-compliant backend to build their in-app chat features for emergency service teams. Using PubNub, ZOLL engineers could quickly build a mobile app with secure messaging that would arrive in less than 1/10 second. 

What does PubNub do for delivery

PubNub tools allow real-time location tracking for dispatch, provisioning, and preventive maintenance! Using PubNub, you can track where your drivers are, have a real-time location on dashboards, and have provision and dispatch based on location. You can also stream fleet service events for preventive maintenance and monitor the speed and function of the feet of vehicles in real-time for safety. You can also enhance fleet management with third-party data (ex: weather) to optimize routes. 

You mentioned rideshare. What does PubNub do for that? 

Nowadays, it's safe to say most everyone has used rideshare at some point in their lives. Whether getting a convenient ride from the airport, not having the headache of tracking down a taxi on the side of the road, or ordering food because it's too far to get to the nearest food store, rideshares have taken over our modern transportation needs. PubNub allows developers to use notifications, send in-app alerts or SMS triggered by orders, and share locations and events to help keep business running smoothly between dispatch, drivers, and customers. PubNub also has tools for visually displaying driver locations in real-time and geolocation for orders. Lastly, PubNub also has embedded in-app chat to streamline communication between customer and driver and driver and dispatch to reduce customer support costs. Some recent customers using PubNub for dispatch and rideshare are AVIS, Dispatch, and Decisiv.

Decisiv dashboard

Decisiv uses PubNub for its real-time communication platform to deliver decision support for fleet service event management with a visual dashboard. This enables customers to track, manage, and measure service and repair events.  

But wait, there's more! PubNub is also great for E-Learning!

Much to the disappointment of kids everywhere with the death of the snow day, PubNub is incredibly useful for E-learning. From digital classrooms to whiteboards and shared documents, PubNub makes virtual learning as engaging as in the classroom. PubNub offers tools for live webcasts, slideshows, real-time quizzes, and shared multi user document safes to enhance collaboration and productivity.

What about marketplaces

PubNub services allow developers to have real-time pricing and service transactions! PubNub tools can stream commercial exchanges and transaction data to enhance the brand experience with in-app chat and notifications. PubNub services can update auction and price data in real-time, whether e-commerce or stock chart. You can also use alerts and notifications for price changes and offers.  

Lastly, PubNub leads the market in scalable live events

From dating apps and social workouts to massive live events, in-app chat, and mobile push notifications, PubNub redefines virtual interaction. With PubNub, you can drive event-based engagement with mass chat, live polling, and run programs for halftime and intermission. You can also have program content with stats, ad offers, and live blogging. PubNub also can power geographically aware, scalable apps with chat functionality. For dating apps, you can have location-based matching and mobile alerts, boost interactivity with GIF engines and manage content streams with filtering. PubNub-backed virtual events bring together people with chat and collaboration features for fans, family, students, and communities. Some companies that use PubNub for their live-event platform are Live Nation and Moment House.

Moment house dashboard

Moment house uses PubNub to redefine virtual experience by providing a platform for artists to create, manage, and host live events for fans globally. With PubNub, they can scale their in-app chat to hold unlimited amounts of users, create a chat with engaging real-time features like notifications, leaderboards, and presence, and reduce development and maintenance time. 

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What’s Next? 

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