Build Engaging Games that Foster Video Game Retention

1 min read Michael Carroll on Mar 1, 2022

In the gaming industry, player retention is the most important thing. Because of this, game developers need to continuously innovate their offerings to remain competitive in the industry, while also matching player expectations. 

Beamable has developed some of the most notable games like Game of Thrones and Star Trek, among others, facilitating a space where players can forge genuine relationships through gaming.

How to build apps that enable video game retention

In this episode of The PubNub PubCast, Ali El Rhermoul, Co-Founder and CTO at Beamable, joins our COO, Casey Clegg, to discuss practical tips for how game developers can create an exciting, engaging experience that keeps players coming back. Rhermoul also shares stories of how through their games, people have formed relationships that led to life-long friendships—and even marriage.

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