Facebook “Meh” Button : JavaScript

2 min read Stephen Blum on Aug 9, 2010

Yesterday, BoingBoing posted an article with a new Facebook Icon for “Meh” Button, opposed to “Like”. Inspired by this, PubNub developers built the Facebook “Meh” Button and added real-time functionality to it. This button can be used with the Facebook “Like” button or standalone.



Add Facebook “Meh” Button

Real-time “Meh”

Facebook “Meh” Button is Real-time. When clicked, the number goes up on everyone’s computer screen, instantly. Why build real-time apathy? It’s important to see exactly how many people don’t care without needing a page reload. Here at PubNub, this is vital.

Create Real-time Apps with PubNub

How did we create this button of “Meh”? We used PubNub’s API. PubNub Real-time works on all devices, including mobile phones. Go to the PubNub Dev Center to learn how to use the API.

Inspiration of “Meh”

The Facebook “Meh” Button was inspired by the article posted on BoingBoing: Proposed Facebook icon for “meh” as opposed to “like”. The article talks about the opposite of the Facebook “Like” Button. An image was drafted by obeyken “Ken Murphy” titled “Meh”. Because of this, PubNub built the Facebook “Meh” Button while listening to Donkey Kong Country Music from the SNES version.

Facebook “Meh” Icon Suggestions

If you have a suggestion or want to supply a different “Meh” Icon, then contact us with a link pointing to the icon. We’ll update this blog with your suggestion and may change the icon that is distributed with the widget. We look forward to some ideas.

Optional Single Click Limit

 <div id="facebook-meh-button" one-click-per-person="on"></div>

To cap the number of clicks per person, set the attribute one-click-per-person="on" in the DIV. This prevents a single person from showing more than her fair share of not caring.

No Association with FB

This button is not associated with Facebook. This button was created by PubNub Developers. Click here to contact us.