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Drink from the Data Firehose: New PubNub Data Streams

3 min readJoe Hanson on Oct 6, 2014
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Stream a massive load of data to any number of users, and use PubNub Access Manager to slice it up however you want. Check out our new PubNub Data Streams.

If you really want to blow end users away, or give your team up to the millisecond analytics, you need to drink from the data firehose. What’s this mean?

Drinking from a data firehose is streaming and publishing real-time streams of data, whether it be weather reports, Tweets, RSS feeds, or stock quotes, updated as they change. To do this, you need a robust and fast data stream network to transfer the data packets through, presenting it to your end users in real time.

Data firehose

Luckily for you, we’re continuing to expand our demo real-time data streams that can be plugged into your PubNub applications. Most of our demos are based on real data, however a few are simulation data streams that can be used for testing purposes or simulation demos.

Below are details into each data stream. You can also check out the full list of demo data streams, and while you’re there, feel free to check out our demo applications as well. To get an idea, check out the .gif of our state capital weather data stream below:

state capital weather data stream

Twitter Stream

Our Twitter Stream is a real-time steam of actual Tweets on Twitter at a maximum rate of 50 Tweets per second. With this stream, you can build cool things like real-time tweet boards, as well as crunch data for social interactions in specific regions, or based on specific keywords.

Hacker News Articles

The Hacker News Stream aggregates the most recent and trending articles from Hacker News. But this isn’t just limited to Hacker News, and can be applied to any RSS feed, enabling you to build a real-time blog aggregator for any blog with an RSS feed.

State Capital Weather

The State Capital Weather Stream one’s pretty self explanatory, giving you real-time weather data from each U.S. capital.

Wikipedia Changes

Track Wikipedia trolls, or monitor page changes in real time with the Wikipedia Changes Stream. This stream gives a real-time stream of recent edits to Wikipedia articles.

Game State Sync

With the Game State Sync Stream, you can view the latest state information of a multiplayer role playing game. The stream retrieves a simulated stream of data through PubNub with update state information of clients.

Sensor Network

The Internet of Things has exploded in the last couple years, which in turn has skyrocketed sensor networks. The Sensor Network Feed provides data from sensors, specifically for embedded devices and IoT applications.

Market Orders and Stock Quotes

Investors need real-time financial information as it happens. Speed is paramount. The Market Orders Stream does just that, providing the latest market orders for a fictitious marketplace that you can embed into a site or app.

Streaming Real-time Data, In Real time

We need to be able to stream as much data as we can, as fast as we can. The PubNub Data Stream Network is global, giving you a backend infrastructure that can handle any amount of data anywhere on Earth. Stock quotes are streamed in New York at the same speed as they are in Hong Kong. And that data firehose, and the apps you can build with it, is powerful.

We’ll continue to grow our list of demo data streams, so keep an eye out for additional streams!

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