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Visualize and Monitor PubNub Usage with Datadog Dashboards

3 min read Pedro Leonardo on Oct 7, 2020

Supporting the modern operations team with real-time visibility

At PubNub, we believe that the best improvements to our product are those based on customer feedback. This is why we’re continuously committed to improving our offering based on the needs, requests, and ideas of those who rely on PubNub every day. 

One of the most common requests we receive from our customers is for the ability to actively and accurately monitor their PubNub usage in detail and in real time, ideally within their own ops monitoring environment. This visibility is a necessity for applications like telemedicine and live events, where operating reliably in real time is critical. It ensures that patients get the timely care they need, and it lets virtual events’ audiences truly engage with each other without disruptions.

In response to this request for greater visibility, we’re excited to announce our new support for Datadog dashboards. This launch gives you access to detailed real-time dashboards, allowing your ops teams to visualize and monitor your usage in detail, find and solve problems, and maintain the highest standard of service for your users. 

With Datadog dashboards, you can now elegantly integrate PubNub into your existing ops monitoring tools, granting more and better visibility about your PubNub usage, your application, and your overall business metrics. Most importantly, this tool gives you ongoing peace-of-mind that, even under high-traffic and high-stress scenarios, your application will continue to perform.

Datadog dashboards give you detailed visibility into a range of crucial PubNub metrics.

Real-time visibility and notifications for rapid responses 

Datadog dashboards let SRE and ops teams visualize their PubNub usage in detail with real-time metrics such as services, counters, latency, and code responses. With these metrics, you can immediately see whether your PubNub services are running as expected or are suffering an outage.

For our customers, an additional benefit of these new dashboards is that they provide immediate notifications in the event of dropped messages or traffic slowdowns. Notifications empower you to quickly take the necessary steps to keep your app up and running smoothly, and keep your users happy. 

This means that your ops team can detect and respond to concerns, even if they’re not actively watching the dashboard. With both real-time dashboards and instant notifications, teams will always be on the same page when an issue is detected and can swiftly make data-informed decisions to correct course. 

These features are particularly impactful for our customers who need to constantly operate in real time, or for those who deal with usage and user spikes. For instance, live events customers can now immediately know when latency is detected and quickly derive insights into the cause, so they can keep their audiences happy, engaged, and interacting in real time.  

Get access to Datadog dashboards

This launch marks PubNub’s commitment to improving our offering, not just for those building on PubNub for the first time, but for those who trust and rely on PubNub as an ongoing partner. And, rather than simply satisfying existing requests, Datadog dashboards represent our broader effort to continuously build a better, more robust communication platform to support all of our customers’ needs.  

If you could benefit from greater real-time visibility into your application, PubNub operations, and overall business metrics, Datadog dashboards are now available exclusively through our Platinum Support Plan

Our Platinum Support Plan plan offers 24/7 access to our support team through email, Slack, and phone. It’s designed to be as high-touch and personalized as you need to ensure that you successfully build with PubNub. Once you join our Platinum Support Plan, we will work with you closely to set up Datadog dashboards with the metrics and notifications that will best support you.

So, if you’re currently building with PubNub, get in touch with us to learn how our Datadog dashboards and Platinum Support Plan can improve visibility into your application and operations. We will ensure that your team has the persistent real-time visibility and clear, actionable insights they need to develop, deploy, and operate your app with confidence.