Building Smarter Apps with IBM Watson and PubNub

1 min read Michael Carroll on Oct 6, 2017

IBM Watson and PubNub are basically a match made in heaven. Combining IBM Watson’s cognitive APIs with PubNub’s ability to deliver real-time data, and you have the power to build some pretty innovative AI-driven applications. You can harness the capabilities of Watson, a cognitive technology, to analyze, interpret, and reason your data in-motion.

To give you an idea of the wide-variety of applications you can build with Watson and PubNub, join us on October 10 at 9:30am PDT for our newest webinar – Using Watson Services and Functions to Build Cognitive Apps.

Our presenters are Amara Keller, IBM Developer Advocate, and Bhavana Srinivas, PubNub Solutions Architect. They know the ins-and-outs of Watson and PubNub, and will lead an exciting, hands-on training session.