How to Build a Product Strategy that Meets a Market Need

1 min read Michael Carroll on Jun 1, 2022

Some of the most groundbreaking technology throughout history didn’t see widespread adoption initially, because it simply didn’t fill a need within the market of its time. 

Today, with so many technologies being brought to market daily, identifying a market need is more crucial than ever. Some founders come from a tech-first perspective, spotting emerging tech with high promise. Alternatively, some founders approach entrepreneurship from a product-first perspective, identifying an end-user need that can be met with technology, once developed. 

In our new episode of The PubNub PubCast, Patrick Ng, the Innovation Director at Singapore's Spark Launchpad speaks with PubNub’s COO, Casey Clegg, about properly framing a go-to-market strategy, spotting high growth opportunities, and use cases of core technologies that Spark LaunchPad is helping to scale.

The PubNub PubCast is a podcast that brings together executives and product leaders from a variety of industries to discuss how they're creating innovative and engaging virtual experiences: the approaches they’ve taken, the things they’ve uncovered, and how they're creating truly connected online communities.