Announcing Access Manager: Serverless Access Control

2 min read Darryn Campbell on Oct 22, 2013

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Access Manager, adding serverless access control to the PubNub Data Stream Network. You can now manage granular permissions for your real-time apps and data.

serverless access control

What does Access Manager enable?

  1. Developers can grant fine-grained Publish/Subscribe permissions for their real-time apps and data, without hosting authentication services
  2. Access control can be granted at various levels: person, device, channel or key
  3. Works with any existing authentication system: Facebook Connect, Twitter, Google, LDAP, or homegrown solutions

So what types of apps can I build with this?

  1. Subscription services to real-time financial, traffic, or social data streams where access can be easily granted and revoked on a per subscriber basis
  2. Point to point apps, such as home automation, where secure real-time data is streaming bi-directionally between devices
  3. Social apps where secure real-time communication is peer-to-peer, with the option to monitor and intervene in user interactions when needed (ban a user, change privileges, etc.)


We created a full working Access Manager demo to you can see exactly how Access Manager works, and all the source code for the demo here.

To learn more, check out the Access Manager Getting Started Guide and the PubNub Security Overview. You can also head to the Developer’s Portal to enable the feature and start testing.

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serverless access control