5G Mobile Apps: Future Trends to Look Out For

1 min read Michael Carroll on Mar 29, 2022

Mobile app developers are always working on the bleeding edge of what's possible, and 5G is a foundational technology that will be pivotal in driving future mobile innovation by enabling developers to create a richer user experience that will ultimately be more immersive and responsive. With 5G on the rise, it will also trigger increased use of cloud-based services since the faster connectivity of 5G means that the cloud can now be used for data storage and ultra low-latency edge computing. 

This week on The PubNub PubCast, we are hosting a roundtable discussion with industry leaders to highlight some of the key ways that 5G will be a game-changer for developers. Joining us for this episode—Peter Linder, Ericsson; Micah Knapp, Qualcomm; Saravanan Shanmugam, AWS; Matthew Wallace, AT&T.

From the industries that will be impacted first, to the challenges and complexities of educating nearly 27 million developers in the world today on how to best leverage this technology, this episode will dive into the most important aspects of 5G that developers should be aware of. 

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You can watch the video of the episode below.