Top 10 Real-Time Web Analytics Services

4 min read Developer Relations Team on Aug 16, 2013

The days of static web analytics and metrics are dwindling. In an era where trends move at the speed of light and turn on a dime, you need to have access to metrics in the moment. And with the rise of global data stream network service providers, this data is made available to users in milliseconds. The ten following web analytics services offer tools and dashboards that update in real-time, giving the user a live look into what’s happening on their website or mobile app, their social channels and content, or yes, even their farm.


Unified SocialUnified Social – Unified Social focuses on the Facebook Newsfeed. The social content solution uses real-time data to track Facebook posts, statuses and photos. To enable users to visualize a Facebook post’s performance, Unified Social offers a real-time graph with reach, likes, comments and shares. Unified Social also allows users to set up a live stream of their competitors, ranked by their “relative impact” engagement algorithm.


BuzzNumbersBuzzNumbers – BuzzNumbers is real-time social media monitoring. With BuzzNumbers’s social media monitoring tool, users can conduct real-time research of trends and spot opportunities. In addition to being able to monitor their own brand and marketing campaigns in real-time, BuzzNumbers also allows users to track their competitors as well.


AgWorldAgworld – Agworld is mobile farm management software for both farmers and agronomists. Agworld can generate reports and forecasts with real-time updates on a property’s performance. With Agworld’s custom reporting tool, users can access up to the minute reports for their entire network. It also keeps everyone, from the grower, to the consultant, to the contractor, on the same page, with real-time status updates on all outstanding jobs. 


Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics – Even though Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service out there, the Real-Time page is often overlooked. For a free service, it gives you a wealth of information including: active users on the website, page views per second/minute, top active pages, top locations, top referrals, and top social traffic. All the information updates around once a second. In addition, it offers an awesome geo-locator overlaid on a map of the world giving you insight into where your audience is.


GoSquaredGoSquared – With similar functionality as Google Analytics, but a much prettier and detailed dashboard, GoSquared offers all the website analytics you need, updated in real-time. From traffic, to a timeline of views, to content traffic, to geo-location, GoSquared has easy to view analytics and a sleek design with customizable layouts (and probably the coolest geo-location map when it comes to analytics).


DataTorrentDataTorrent – DataTorrent is a real-time Hadoop-based big data streaming platform. Focusing on enterprise level, DataTorrent enables the ability to process and analyze an ever-growing amount of information in real-time. Instead of using batch processing which takes hours, or even days, DataTorrent process data and report analytics in seconds.


ViralHeatViralheat – Viralheat‘s Monitoring API delivers a real-time data stream of social interaction across applications. It enables the user to monitor social mentions, gather data around keywords, and watch trends and traffic in real-time.


CountlyCountly – Countly is an open source real-time mobile application analytics platform. Every report and chart is real-time, auto updating as the app runs. Metrics include number of users, average time on a page, top platform, and top carriers, all designed specifically for mobile apps.


chartbeatChartbeat – Chartbeat provides real-time analytics for websites and blogs to show you who’s engaging with your website and how they’re engaging. The dashboard includes insights on pretty much everything you need to understand your audience. In addition to the standard metrics that web analytics services offer, Chartbeat displays load times, referral links, social performance, and engaged time, all updating in real-time.


clickyClicky – Clicky offers real-time web analytics with a large dashboard, but what sets Clicky apart is it’s customizable campaign and goals tracking. Users can track the visitors, CTRs, and conversions on their landing and user pages and see what’s working and what isn’t. For the visual thinkers, Big Screen publicly highlights key metrics in one place, designed for large screens (put that office plasma screen to good use).

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