Engaging in-app social interactions that enhance your experience

From live events to social workouts, in-app chat and push notifications redefine these group interactions.

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Increase user engagement with live and remote audiences

Drive event-based engagement with mass chat, live polling, and programs for halftime and intermission. Enhance program content with stats, ads, offers, and live blogging.

Scalable chat and geographically-aware apps

Engage users with location-based matching and mobile alerts. Add features like interactive GIF engines, and manage with content moderation and filtering.

Collaboration features 

Bring social interaction to communities and shared interest groups with chat and collaboration features for fans, family, students, or communities.

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Capturing the joy of live events



LiveLike’s platform provides customers with real-time reactions and emojis as well as direct chat, group chats, and even larger audience chats that allow hosts and anchors to engage with viewers. Plus, LiveLike allows broadcasters to push out custom content interactions—like trivia, promos, and polls—on a schedule or in response to pivotal moments, like a goal or touchdown.  

To build and power their platform, LiveLike relies on SDKs and APIs as their foundational technology to allow viewers to engage with each other authentically and genuinely. And because their live events platform must handle large audiences, they need a partner who can help them develop quickly and at scale with no concurrency limits or latency issues.

"Now that we build with PubNub, we never have to worry about how to handle audience spikes or an influx of engagement.”

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Justin Polley
Director of Engineering and Product Lead

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Live Events, Second Screen, and Advertising

Drive live and remote audience engagement.

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Connect communities with interactive features.

Ready to build real-time features?

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Learn how PubNub works and the concepts behind our real-time platform.

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