Solutions for powering realtime dashboards by streaming data in realtime to live user interfaces

Realtime Dashboards

Live-updating charts, graphs, tables and maps for IoT, web, and mobile

How PubNub Powers Realtime Dashboards

With PubNub, building a realtime dashboard is simple. Leverage PubNub’s publish/subscribe API for your data streams and plug it into your favorite interactive UI, such as D3.js or our own Project EON.

Realtime Data Streaming
Realtime Data
Send data from any source in realtime to a UI
Flexible Charts
Choose from spline, bar, donut, gauge, and more
Cross-Platform Ready
Cross-Platform Ready
Publish data to any of the 70 SDKs available
Maps and Geolocation
Maps and
Track location on a live-updating map
250ms Latency Worldwide
250ms Latency
Unrivaled realtime streaming that updates as it changes

Realtime Data Visualizations

Want to see PubNub in action? In the video below, learn more about streaming data to a live-updating UI to create beautiful and useful dashboards and visualizations.

Getting Started with Realtime Dashboards

Building realtime dashboards with the PubNub API is as easy as:

Check out our basic Publish/Subscribe tutorial and see how the API works.
Sign up for a Pubnub account and get your keys. Our sandbox tier is free, so test away!
Download the SDK in the language of your choice ( we have 70+! )
Check out one of our full tutorials, or head over to the docs and build your app from scratch.

Resources for Building a Realtime Dashboard

Innovative Realtime Dashboards Using PubNub

Internet of Things
Freight and Shipping
eCommerce Dashboards
eSports Dashboards
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Connected Device Dashboards

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