Real-time marketplace pricing and service transactions

Stream data for commercial exchanges and transactions to enhance your brand experience with in-app chat and notifications for realtime pricing in marketplace.

Leverage realtime pricing in marketplace to enhance your brand experience and engage consumers

Update auction and price data in real time

Whether an e-commerce event or a stock chart, real-time data streaming keeps everyone on the same page.

Use alerts and notifications for price changes and offers

Notify customers about offers and pricing changes to drive engagement or prompt actions.

Integrate in-app chat to enhance customer brand experience

Drive brand engagement and improve operational efficiency with in-app chat, to engage the consumer at all of the digital points of connection with your company.

In-app synchronization drives brand experience

Stream marketplace pricing with Bluhorn

Real-time collaborative capabilities and particularly transactional chat really changes the game. It brings everyone together and gives them the information they need, when they need it, at any one moment. It helps even our smallest customers on a massive scale.

Wes Benwick

VP Technology and Software Architect at BluHorn

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