PubNub Insights

Frequently asked questions

What is PubNub Insights? 

PubNub Insights is an easy-to-use, no-code, interactive dashboard with timely turnkey metrics & analytics built from your PubNub data and utilization. You can drill into your most active channels and users over various periods, as well as see where messages and users are coming from down to the city level. 

With Insights, you can analyze your app's use and customer engagement, identify issues and confidently plan for the future. The Insights Standard package is automatically available to PubNub customers on the Starter & Pro plans like yourself at no additional cost. 

When should I use PubNub Insights?

PubNub Insights is a great choice for when you want to measure the success of your product, app, or feature you have built using PubNub. You can use Insights during the product development stage, after release / launch and while in production after an event, show or marketing activity. 

PubNub Insights guides you on where to focus time and resources by immediately making patterns, anomalies, and trends visible with the metrics delivered. To conduct further analysis, you can also combine your in-house data with metrics from Insights through the chart data export feature. 

With PubNub Insights, you don’t need to allocate resources to build, pull, and analyze data as this is already done for you. 

How do I view my PubNub Insights dashboards? 

Use this link or log into your PubNub Admin Portal, then click Insights.

Why do I not see my Insights dashboards after logging into my PubNub Admin Portal account?

To view your Insights dashboard, you will first need to activate the product. You can do this by clicking on the insights tab on the left in your PubNub admin portal and following the prompts.

Will my Insights dashboards be immediately available when I activate?

Yes, as soon as you click on the GO TO INSIGHTS button in Admin Portal, the Insights Standard dashboards will immediately load. 

Why don’t I see the 'activate' button for PubNub Insights? 

Select your organization’s paid account on the upper left after logging into your PubNub Admin Portal. If you don’t see your organization’s paid account in your PubNub account, ask your Admin Portal account owner/admin to invite you to your organization’s paid PubNub account with the user role of PubNub Insights so you can view the Insights dashboards.

Dropdown menu on PubNub website showing a selection between a free and a company paid account.

What metrics are available within PubNub Insights?

The turnkey metrics you’ll see in PubNub Insights include the count of messages, unique channels and unique users over time across various periods, along with the top 20 channels and users based on the count of messages and users.

Where can I send feedback about PubNub Insights? 

Your feedback will be used to inform what Insights features we release next, and so we can improve your experience. You can submit your feedback through this link.

Who can I contact if I have problems viewing my Insights dashboards? 

Send an email to your PubNub account representative or to PubNub support at 

What data are the metrics in PubNub Insights built from?

The metrics & analytics you see on the Insights dashboards are based on your successful PubNub Publish and Subscribe API calls. 

Where can I learn more about PubNub Insights?

To learn more about Insights, you can check out our blog on the release, or contact sales for more information. 

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