Serverless compute for building and scaling realtime applications.

What is PubNub BLOCKS?
Key Features
Program the Network
Program the Network

Build features in a fraction of the time with code that runs inside the network.

Serverless Architecture
Serverless Architecture

Deployment and scaling all handled for you for one less problem to worry about.

Integrated Key/Value Store
Integrated Key/Value Store

Tightly integrated K/V store reduces latency.

Effortless Scaling
Effortless Scaling

Don’t let your servers become a bottleneck. Run app logic in the network instead.

Zero Added Latency
Zero Added Latency

Fewer hops between servers and no spin-up time makes BLOCKS unbelievably fast.

What's Included:
Deployed as Microservices
Deployed as Microservices -

Blocks run like microservices within the network.

Always On
Always On -

No spin-up time: your blocks are always ready to run.

Open Source
Open Source -

The BLOCKS Catalog is open-source so you can modify them all you want (or create your own private blocks).

Program in JavaScript
Program in JavaScript -

BLOCKS are written in simple JavaScript, not a proprietary language.

Automated Management & Deployment
Automated Management & Deployment -

Just hit deploy and PubNub will handle the rest.

Pay As You Go
Pay As You Go -

Pricing based on usage – the way it should be.

Large Catalog of BLOCKS
Large Catalog of BLOCKS -

Customize one of our pre-built blocks to further reduce development time.

API Partner Program
API Partner Program -

Use BLOCKS to tap into popular 3rd party APIs and unlock a wide array of possible use cases.


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