Serverless compute for building and scaling realtime applications.

What is PubNub BLOCKS?
Key Features
Program the Network

Build features in a fraction of the time with code that runs inside the network.

Serverless Architecture

Deployment and scaling all handled for you for one less problem to worry about.

Integrated Key/Value Store

Tightly integrated K/V store reduces latency.

Effortless Scaling

Don’t let your servers become a bottleneck. Run app logic in the network instead.

Zero Added Latency

Fewer hops between servers and no spin-up time makes BLOCKS unbelievably fast.

What’s Included:
Deployed as Microservices –

Blocks run like microservices within the network.

Always On –

No spin-up time: your blocks are always ready to run.

Open Source –

The BLOCKS Catalog is open-source so you can modify them all you want (or create your own private blocks).

Program in JavaScript –

BLOCKS are written in simple JavaScript, not a proprietary language.

Automated Management & Deployment –

Just hit deploy and PubNub will handle the rest.

Pay As You Go –

Pricing based on usage – the way it should be.

Large Catalog of BLOCKS –

Customize one of our pre-built blocks to further reduce development time.

API Partner Program –

Use BLOCKS to tap into popular 3rd party APIs and unlock a wide array of possible use cases.


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