SDL: Language Translation

Translate text between languages on the fly

SDL's Language Cloud Machine Translation API provides self-learning machine translation for translating content and text. The SDL Language Translation Function enables you to translate text in-motion, opening up the possibilities for multilingual real-time chat applications, live-blogging, social media, and more.


  1. Create an account with RWS

    1. You can subscribe to one of the publicly available packages

    2. If these packages do not meet your requirements please contact the RWS

  2. Login or Register to Admin Portal

    1. Select Functions

    2. Select your desired App and Keyset

    3. Select "Explore Templates" and proceed with selected integration.

  3. Configure channel, client token and API URL

  4. Confirm the configuration

  5. Review the code and if it looks ok - start the function


This Function calls the SDL API's for language translation and amends the information into the stream.

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Input Channel: sdl-channel (configurable) If the message contains the "text", "to", and "from" fields, the block will perform a translation of the text.



The translated text returned from SDL will be appended into the response for clients


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