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Add a natural language interface or chatbot to automate interactions with users
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About IBM Watson Assistant

Conversation from IBM Watson provides an API for adding a natural language interface to your application to automate interactions with your end users. Build and integrate chatbots or virtual agents.

The IBM Watson Assistant block allows you to build a chatbot or virtual agent, that can carry out conversations with end users in realtime. The block includes a number of cognitive techniques, making your chatbot fully customizable to suit your realtime app's needs.

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The IBM Watson Assistant API lets developers create Intelligent Bots. This block demonstrates how to create a simple Pubnub Tutor Bot that will teach the user how to use PubNub. Extrapolating from this example, you can use the IBM Watson Assistant API to build your own chat bot.

To learn more about IBM Watson Assistant Service and getting your credentials, visit the IBM Watson Assistant API homepage.


Publish a message over the input channel. Input Channel: pubnub-tutor-request
    "text": "hi", 
    "sender": "User", 
    "channel": "test" 


Watson's response is published on the output channel which is sent in the message.
    "text": "Hello, I know a little about pubnub, and can help you in learning about it ?", 
    "sender": "Pubnub Tutoring", 
    "channel": "test"