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How to add Subtitles on Twitch for OBS Live Streams

  1. Enable your microphone

    How to add Subtitles to Twitch TV in OBS Step 1

  2. Copy URL into OBS Browser Source:

    How to add Subtitles to Twitch TV in OBS Step 2

  3. Keep this page open while you stream. This page captures your voice transcript and transmits the subtitles into OBS via PubNub. If you accidentally close this page, you can always come back. You may need to repeat Step 2. Reload this page and re-copy/paste the URL into OBS Browser Source.

    How to add Subtitles to Twitch TV in OBS Step 3

  4. Customize the look: You may fork the GitHub repo so you can change the Font and Colors. Start by forking the repository then read further details below on this page.


OBS Studio plugin

Add subtitles in OBS.Live brought to you by StreamElements

The ultimate plugin for OBS Studio

Add subtitles in OBS.Live brought to you by StreamElements

Add Twitch Subtitles in OBS.Live

First, install OBS.Live and then come back to this page. Run OBS.Live on your computer. Next add a Browser to your Scene. You can find this under the *Sources* panel using the [ + ] plus icon. Include the URL from Step 2 at the top of this page. That's it!

StreamElements desktop app enables easy management of your stream and is the home of the biggest streamers on The streaming tools platform helps gamers and content creators manage their stream, raise production value, increase engagement, and monetize their content.

How to make OBS Plugins for Twitch TV

Plugins should be easy to make! And for OBS, this is true. Hurray! The best way by far, my opinion, is using OBS Browser Sources. Start by trying to add a new Browser Source to your Scene. The following example shows you how to add the source.

Add OBS Browser Source

The above shows you how to add a Browser Source, which is easiest way to add your custom plugin into OBS. You can set the URL to a local html file which contains your code for the plugin. The code in the HTML file may be simple or complex.

Twitch TV OBS Subtitles is a great example of what you may put into the HTML file. It's really that simple! You can have animated Cats and cat pictures that change over time. Pretty much anything you can image, just with some HTML and CSS. It's a whole new world and you can have as many cats as you like!

Modern Closed Captioning ( Subtitles )

Live TV traditionally required a human in a TV studio to transcribe spoken voice and sounds on TV. The studio transcriber's job is to listen to the live video feed and as quickly and accurately as possible type the transcription into a computer terminal which appends the closed captioning directly into the Television Signal. The technical job title is a "stenographer".

Twitch Video subtitles captions text displayed in real-time subs app example

During a live broadcast of a special event or of a news program, captions appear just a few seconds behind the action to show what is being said. A stenographer listens to the broadcast and types the words into a special computer program that adds the captions to the television signal.

Closed Captioning is a Slow Process

This captioning can only go as fast as a human can process information. The average reaction time of a human is is 215 milliseconds, according to the data collected so far. In addition to your reaction time, there is additional latency of your computer and the internet.

However it takes longer to determine the spoken words and then type these into a computer terminal. Your experience is seeing a delay of 4-8 seconds. Humans are creating the transcriptions, and errors are prone to happening.

Now we have Artificial Intelligence and it's Making Closed Captioning Easier

Yes it is true. AI is taking jobs and very soon the stenographer will be completely artificial. You will get to take advantage of this technology right now, further aiding the succession of artificial intelligence.

This is the future and early AI is starting to take jobs from humans. This is a real world example of this. OBS Subtitles is a perfect example of AI taking a human job. Instead of hiring a transcriber (stenographer) while you stream, you can have a robot do it for, at no extra cost.

Why PubNub makes OBS Plugins Better

PubNub connects everything, everywhere, providing data transfer from one app to another app. In the case of the subtitles captured for Twitch TV, your web browser app is sending data to your OBS app. Essentially your computer is sending data to itself between two apps. Your voice is being transcribed in your web browser using your microphone. The resulting transcription is transmitted into the OBS Browser Source.

PubNub Twitch TV OBS Subtitles Plugin

Imagine now you can send data directly into OBS and create entirely new online live experiences. You, or a friend, can use your an iPad to draw action lines on your live stream. You can give remote control to channel mods to manage your screen display and make minor changes. So many cool things can happen now.

PubNub can send data to anywhere. More than just sending data from one app into another app on the same computer. PubNub can send data to other computers nearby. It can even send data to computers around the world. Anywhere the internet exists, data can be transferred.

PubNub can broadcast data from one app into all other apps. Millions of apps all-at-once, and even more beyond that.

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