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Live Events Chat


Live Events chat gives users the ability to participate and express their feelings and opinions live while watching sports, concerts, personal live vlogging and a myriad of other live streaming sessions. Building chat around a live event has a few nuances, but essentially is a Basic Chat next to a live stream.

Two key nuances in Live Events are readability and dialogue. We all know the chat spam that can accompany popular live events and how challenging it can be for individual participants to actually participate. Readability is centered around managing the chat stream flow to maintain a maximum message rate, particularly for large audiences that have a lot to say. Dialogue is centered around breaking audiences up into individual smaller audiences so that the possibility for dialogue and responses between members is possible. The Live Event Chat focuses on the former of the two, by managing the message list size and providing the mechanisms around managing the incoming stream. Our Solution Architects team can help with the latter, assisting with strategies around managing audience sizes.

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