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Live events chat gives users the ability to engage and react during high-occupancy events such as watching sports, concerts, vlogging and more.

Having a large number of people chatting together comes with its own set of challenges and how you architect your application will have a big impact on the experience of your end users. This demo shows PubNub’s React chat components styled efficiently, so users will see the maximum number of messages on the screen at once.

For more complex live event use cases and strategies, such as limiting the rate that messages are shown or breaking audiences up into smaller groups, our solution architect and support teams can help.


  • Multiple, simultaneous live-event streams 

  • Chat with other viewers of the stream and react with emojis

  • Participant list and presence indicators

  • Dark & Light modes

  • Responsive UI

How to Demo

  1. Open the demo.  

  2. You will be assigned a random username, shown in the bottom-left corner.

  3. Select a live channel to view from the left-hand panel.  This demo simulates live content with YouTube videos.

  4. Chat with other viewers in the right-hand panel.

  5. Open up the demo in another window to see an end-to-end chat experience.

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Need help? Contact PubNub Support.

Feedback & Support

Need help? Contact PubNub Support.

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