Qrio Smart Locks Enhance Home Security

Qrio leverages PubNub for IoT device control in their smart lock devices.

With PubNub, Qrio:

  • Saved almost a year of development time by building with a real-time solution.

  • Reliably powers IoT device control in their smart locks.

  • Scales and works in real time, maintaining their high service availability with very few incidents causing downtime.

Qrio Smart Locks Enhance Home Security

“We have saved almost a year of development time. PubNub is a reliable system that allows us to save our engineering resources.” — Ikuma Goto, President at Qrio

Meet Qrio

Operating out of Tokyo, Japan, Qrio is dedicated to providing peace of mind with its smart lock devices. To accomplish this, it allows users to remotely operate keys with their smartphone, offering an efficient and convenient way to enhance home security. 

Compared to traditional door locks, the Qrio Smart Lock allows users to go keyless, so they never have to worry about losing or replacing an existing key. Additionally, with Qrio, users can share their digital keys with friends and family, offering a practical and modern way to provide home access while maintaining security. 

Ikuma Goto, President at Qrio, discussed how PubNub helps deliver this IoT connectivity for their customers. Goto also shared how choosing to build with a reliable platform solution has saved them almost a year of development time, ultimately getting them to market much faster.

The challenge to be unlocked

Qrio's mission is to transform physical keys into digital and cloud-based ones while providing digital transformation (DX) solutions for apartment and office management businesses. The smart lock market in Japan is still in its growth phase, however,  which means a large part of Qrio’s challenge is establishing the smart lock system as a part of the fundamental infrastructure of daily life. Of course, having a strong and reliable IoT network is integral to showing the value of smart locks and helping Qrio get over the market chasm.

Using PubNub to power IoT solutions

Qrio discovered PubNub during their research on data transfer solutions over HTTP. Through efficient and straightforward onboarding, Qrio quickly implemented PubNub's services into their platform. Currently, PubNub powers Qrio's IoT solutions, enabling real-time operations and data transfer, which are crucial for Qrio's smart lock functionalities.

Never worry about scaling or downtime

PubNub's scalable edge messaging network has 99.999% uptime reliability, and relying on this network freed up developer resources so the Qrio dev team could focus on the smart lock's core development and operations. Additionally, the reliability gave Ikuma Goto the confidence needed that Qrio could continually scale and work in real time no matter their usage or number of users.

Developing a new industry with PubNub

Partnering with PubNub has provided Qrio with a robust, scalable, and reliable solution that supports their current needs and sets a strong foundation for future growth in the smart lock market. The primary benefit of this partnership is the significant savings in development time and engineering resources, enabling Qrio to concentrate on delivering innovative home security solutions.

Qrio looks forward to further collaboration with PubNub.

If you would like to learn how PubNub can help you reliably power real-time IoT device control, you can read more here and get in touch with our team of experts here.