Panzerdog's Fast-Paced Shooter Lets Players Hunt in Packs

PubNub Chat keeps the action coming as five-on-five teams fight together across their physics-driven world
Panzerdog's Fast-Paced Shooter Lets Players Hunt in Packs

At a Glance

  • Gives teams real-time connections to coordinate strategies during nonstop action

  • Keeps demanding and vocal players happy with reliable communications

  • Scale for 100,000 daily users without quality degradation

  • Enables global expansion beyond current 10 million downloads without impacting player experience

Panzerdog's Fast-Paced Shooter Lets Players Hunt in Packs


Give teams reliable communications without interrupting the fast and furious game

Panzerdog has built a fast-paced game that pits five-member squads against each other in battle across a dynamic world where everything is part of the action. Obviously, team-based play requires tactical coordination to suck players in and help them play and win together. As Panzerdog’s games attracted a rabid fan base. Across 10 million global downloads, the company paid the price if anything degraded the experience, as seen in their 160,000 Google Play Store comments. They had to keep players happy during strong growth, especially in chat, which was integral to gameplay. They looked at building their own chat infrastructure, but then set their sights on something better. 


Scalable chat keeps players happily fighting around the world, even with explosive growth

Panzerdog brought in PubNub Chat to add both reliability and scalability, which keeps players focused on the game. It also gives the company the confidence to expand into more markets in more countries around the world, especially China. Real-time chat enhanced the game’s realism and attracted more fans, while the lack of disruptions helped increase app downloads and ratings. Now, as the game grows beyond tens of thousands of MAUs, Panzerdog can be confident players will keep bringing the fight to their ultra-realistic games, no matter how many more fans they lap up.