Pager Reinvents the Doctor's House Call with PubNub

Customer Overview

Pager is an on-demand healthcare service that is reinventing the traditional doctor house call. All it takes is one click for Pager to connect patients with healthcare in their home, office, or hotel. Patients provide medical history and information about their illness to nurses and doctors via text-based chat; from there, a medical plan of action is developed. If the doctor is unable to treat the patient by phone, Pager can send a doctor to the patient’s location in under two hours.

Realtime Diagnosis

In order to build patient-doctor engagement and arrive at a timely and accurate diagnosis, Pager needed realtime messaging and chat to be at the heart of the product. They also needed a solution that would allow them to prototype their ideas quickly without having to worry about scale. Pager was also looking for a robust API that allowed them to integrate with mobile products via a compatible SDK that would make their developers’ lives easier. Finally, Pager was faced with the challenge of finding a HIPAA-compliant service that would meet the strict requirements set forth by the federal regulation of electronic communications in the healthcare space.


HIPAA-Compliant Solution

Early in its development stage, Pager searched for a realtime, sockets-based solution that would meet its requirements of HIPAA-compliance, scalability, and a robust, developer-friendly API. They found only one company that met its needs: PubNub. PubNub allows Pager’s healthcare providers to chat with patients in realtime to diagnose what’s wrong through its completely secure, HIPAA-compliant Data Stream Network. PubNub’s mobile SDKs make it a breeze for Pager’s developers to have the app work across mobile devices, regardless of make or model. In addition to the immediate benefits, PubNub provides the assurance that the app can scale, meet demand, and have the capacity to grow well into the future due to its guaranteed uptime and SLAs.


Thanks to PubNub, Pager is the picture of health. Sameer Khanna, VP of Engineering at Pager, said, “Because PubNub took the time to understand the healthcare industry and put in the hard work required to be HIPAA-compliant, that’s something we don’t have to worry about. We were able to MVP the product quickly with HIPAA compliance already built-in. You’d be surprised how many companies don’t have any knowledge of this industry. Today where we’re seeing a huge advantage with PubNub is our ability to scale and grow fast, without the headache of building out the infrastructure and the operations side. Messaging is such a critical part of our product, it’s a relief to have PubNub managing that.

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