Insights: Improve efficiency by measuring app utilization

May 17, 2023

Get clarity around application and user behaviors with powerful analytics.

SAN FRANCISCO - PubNub, the leading platform for building and operating real-time capabilities within apps, today announced the release of PubNub Insights. Insights provides product owners with an easy-to-use and no-code dashboard to evaluate their PubNub data and app utilization. 

With Insights, users can make strategic, data-backed decisions for future growth. It's easy to drill into an app’s most active channels and users over various time periods, view user locations down to the city level, analyze app usage, identify issues, and plan for future events, promotions, and more.

Measuring an app’s adoption can be tedious, inconvenient, and inefficient when needing to rely on engineering resources or third-party systems. And making strategic decisions based only on anecdotal evidence can lead to wasted time and missed objectives. With Insights, users can unlock the metrics behind their PubNub data to gain visibility into app/feature adoption and customer engagement regardless of the use case.

“We built PubNub Insights to give users a really useful and simple way to analyze how the real-time interactions they’ve enabled with PubNub are being used, identify issues, and plan proactively for the future,” said Todd Greene, Co-Founder and CEO of PubNub.

For more information about PubNub Insights, visit our blog