PubNub + C2RO = Bidirectional Comms For Robots and Cloud

C2RO, an innovative startup specializing in artificial intelligence, computer vision and collaborative solutions for robots, is proud to announce a partnership with PubNub, the leading Data Stream Network (DSN) for connected devices. This partnership will enable C2RO’s clients to benefit from the PubNub DSN to easily establish real-time bidirectional secure communications between robots and the C2RO cloud-based platform.

Reliability, security and latency are some of the most important concerns in robotics and real-time data processing. Since many robots play critical roles in real-life applications, organizations and industries need a robust platform they can rely on. With the PubNub DSN, the C2RO Platform can ensure maximum reliability and security while reducing latency in real-time application processing. In addition, PubNub encrypts all messages using industry standard AES-256 bit encryption, adding an additional layer of security and protection.

C2RO is pleased to roll out the PubNub DSN to all current subscribers of its platform at no additional charge.

“PubNub is a leader in the IoT and communications field. Collaborating with them was a natural decision for us, since it allows us to offer our clients a reliable real-time communication technology that they can trust. This partnership brings us one step closer to building a complete ecosystem with unparalleled quality for all robots,” says Soodeh Farokhi, founder and CTO of C2RO.

Jonas Gray, Head of Strategic Partnerships at PubNub, adds, “The potential for connected robots is truly limitless – we’re excited about partnering with early innovators in the field like C2RO to allow clients to benefit from a mature and powerful network capable of real-time data processing.”

About C2RO C2RO is a cloud-based SaaS robotics platform created in Montreal, Canada. It utilizes patent-pending technologies for server-based real-time data processing to offer robotic vision, multi-robot collaboration, and sensor data analysis for all robots, regardless of manufacturer. Visit C2RO online at and register for early access to the upcoming beta release.

About PubNub The PubNub Data Stream Network powers low-latency messaging on every device, at massive scale. PubNub BLOCKS makes the network programmable, executing your application logic on data as it passes over the network, removing the need to deploy and scale app servers. PubNub is headquartered in San Francisco. Visit PubNub online at

Thanks to PubNub, our platform will have a faster-than-ever response time and network speed. Want to be the first to try it out? Sign up for the early access to our beta release!

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