PubNub wins WebRTC Best in Show, Audience Choice Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 25, 2013 – PubNub, the globally distributed Real-Time Network, announces today the availability of the PubNub WebRTC SDK at the WebRTC Conference and Expo. After last year’s WebRTC Conference, PubNub has delivered on its promise to integrate powerful PubNub Network capabilities into WebRTC applications.

PubNub customers like Ondello are already using the PubNub Network together with WebRTC to deliver rich collaboration solutions. With PubNub’s new PubNub WebRTC SDK, it’s even easier to deliver WebRTC apps leveraging PubNub to produce fully featured collaborative applications that scale to millions of users.

“WebRTC is an exciting emerging standard in the real-time collaboration movement,” said Todd Greene, CEO and Co-Founder at PubNub. “With the PubNub WebRTC SDK, companies can create globally scaled WebRTC solutions with the real-time collaboration features customers expect.”

The PubNub Network delivers the essential building blocks for collaboration: PubNub Presence automatically detects when users connect and disconnect. PubNub Broadcast Messaging signals all end-users simultaneously, necessary for group collaboration. Storage/Playback and Real-Time Analytics also deliver “need-to-have” features for real-time collaborative apps.

“WebRTC is a powerful protocol, but by itself only provides the foundation for peer-to-peer communication. If deploying an enterprise grade application, there are lots of capabilities your user community will demand outside of WebRTC. At Ondello, we use PubNub for dynamic configuration of our WebRTC meeting service, as well as user-to-user messaging, all in real-time,” said Mark Hadfield, CEO at Ondello.

About PubNub

PubNub enables developers to build real-time apps quickly and scale them globally. The blazingly fast PubNub Network provides global real-time capabilities for web and mobile apps. Millions of users today use thousands of PubNub- powered apps across social, ecommerce, business collaboration, advertising and multi-player gaming. For more information, visit

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Ondello seamlessly connects companies with the world using real time communications technologies. The Ondello platform is built on WebRTC, which is an open standard in web browser technology. Ondello counts some of the world’s leading brands in healthcare, fashion, manufacturing and finance as its customers.

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