A data firehose API is a powerful and fast way to stream data from any data source in realtime. Obviously the Twitter firehose comes to mind, so we set out to build a couple of awesome web applications to process Twitter streaming data.


    With PubNub, we can skip the complicated process of long polling and write the front-end code with JavaScript. This way you can send and receive JSON data, and with our new realtime Twitter firehose stream, you can consume and turn this public data into visualizations.

    To demonstrate the speed and scalability of the PubNub Twitter stream, we built a demo to display Tweets by analyzing how people are feeling emotionally. The demo looks for certain words and emoticons in the incoming Twitter Firehose Stream that indicate the person’s mood, then maps that person by state. Check out the live Twitter Stream Emoticon app here (or embedded below), and the source code here.

    Want to build your own visualization with the Twitter firehose stream? Head over to the Twitter Developer Blog, where we wrote a full tutorial on building visualizations with the Twitter Stream.

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