The Technology PubNub Uses To Scale for Speed

1 min read Michael Carroll on Mar 15, 2022

For developers, delivering connected shared experiences for their users should be the core focus—not worrying about the real-time infrastructure. 

But how can we make it easy for developers to get up and running with the speed and scalability that they need so they can focus on innovation instead of infrastructure? 

This week on The PubNub PubCast, we are joined by the Co-Founder and CTO of PubNub, Stephen Blum. In this episode, we talk about everything from the initial inception of PubNub to how we’ve been able to help many companies successfully power their Virtual Spaces by enabling them to build engaging, scalable, and reliable apps.

The PubNub PubCast is a podcast that brings together executives and product leaders from a variety of industries to discuss how they're creating innovative and engaging virtual experiences: the approaches they’ve taken, the things they’ve uncovered, and how they're creating truly connected online communities.