PubNub + jQTouch

1 min read Developer Relations Team on May 10, 2010
PubNub JQTouch

May 20th, 2010: This page reacts with multiple devices. An Orientation Event will trigger a push notification publish(). When one device changes Orientation, all devices with the opposite Orientation will shift magenta! This requires at least one iPhone.

What is PubNub?

PubNub = communication between browser and mobile. Mobile to Mobile, Browser to Browser, Mobile to Browser. PubNub is a Push Service with a simple API. TWO FUNCTIONS: Publish() & Subscribe()

Learn about Publish() and Subscribe()

How does PubNub and jQTouch work together?

We combined jQTouch and PubNub to create a page that reacts to an Orientation Event. When this event fires, a Publish() push notification sends the Orientation Delta. Any listening device will receive this Orientation Delta and check if its own Orientation matches.

Thanks to jQTouch for the Orientation Event. This page was created with a few lines of JavaScript.