PubNub Developer Console v2

1 min read Stephen Blum on Sep 4, 2012

PubNub Dev Console V2

The launch of PubNub Channel Presence meant we also needed to provide a way for you to debug and learn about the Presence Event Delivery Format. Therefore, we have created a new and improved Developer Console V2 with Presence Events built directly into the console interface.  Now you can easily see the data in JSON format as you build your app.  As a bonus your app will become an anonymous user and count as a real person on your channel to help you debug presence events and occupancy counters.  Learn more by checkout out the new PubNub Developer Console V2.  Also you can see a demonstration of the Developer Console V2 in use in this video: PubNub Channel Presence – Code Walk-through video on the PubNub TV YouTube Channel.