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on Apr 22, 2014
Last month we released our PubNub Console for Chrome, allowing you to monitor PubNub traffic filtered by channel. Today, major interface improvements and new features.

PubNub Console for Google Chrome

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released a number of new features and upgrades to the PubNub Console for Google Chrome. We released the extension just last month and have already made numerous improvements to the interface.

First, you’ll notice an overall improved styling of the console, as well as a shiny new PubNub logo in the toolbar for aesthetics.

The most requested upgrade (by the PubNub team themselves) was the ability to see exactly when a message was published or received. You can now see the date appear next to the message type.

PubNub console includes information of when a message was published or received

We’ve also added the ability to filter the type of messages you see in output. Now you can choose to see only “publish” or “subscribe” type messages from a pulldown in the toolbar.

PubNub console includes capability to filter the type of message

Next, we added a here_now shortcut to the toolbar. When you click this button you’ll be able to see a list of all UDID’s currently subscribed to the channel.

PubNub console includes shortcut to the toolbar

Finally, we’ve added sparklines next to channel names so it’s easier to see which channels are receiving messages right now. The sparklines graph messages published + subscribed over the past 10 seconds.

PubNUb console includes sparklines graph

Did we miss something? Let us know what kind of improvements you want to see in the PubNub Console for Google Chrome! Tweet @PubNub or contact us.

Need more help with the PubNub Console for Google Chrome? Check out our how-to video below:

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