Joe Hanson
Senior Content Strategist, PubNub

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    Today, we are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Twitter to bring PubNub’s Global Data Stream Network to the Fabric developer toolset.

    Hand selected as one of the charter launch partners, PubNub’s realtime messaging capability will soon be available to Fabric developers alongside other industry-leading, third party SDKs – all from a single platform.

    So what’s the benefit to you as a developer?

    Streamlined Development

    You will be able to combine PubNub’s global Data Stream Network with other third party SDKs to streamline the development of scalable, realtime mobile applications.

    More Time to Build Your Apps, Less Time Managing SDKs

    Fabric gives you single sign-in access to install the PubNub SDK with other leading SDKs in one central place so you can focus your time on building applications, not managing SDKs. The Fabric platform guides you through the setup process within the Fabric Mac app or Android IDE plugins so you never have to leave your existing workflow.

    Automatic Key Provisioning

    For those of you that can’t stand signing up for account after account, Fabric automatically provisions keys for all of your SDKs and onboarding your app. That means you can spend more time coding, and less time searching for keys.

    We’re excited to work closely with the Fabric team to roll out our own SDK on Fabric in the coming months. To find out more about Fabric, check out the full blog post from Twitter.

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