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Senior Content Strategist, PubNub

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    Earlier this year, PubNub CTO Stephen Blum presented “A New Development Model for Realtime Apps: Peer-to-Peer meets Authoritative Control,” at the HTML5 Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Blum demonstrated the capabilities of using PubNub to build realtime applications, and specifically focused on the using PubNub as a secure client on client global data stream network.

    A Secure Global Mesh

    Blum covered how to sync data from client-to-client without hindering your choice of technology or data storage. With PubNub, you can easily utilize your existing (or new) business rules and run code safely behind closed firewalls by changing your Controller to take advantage of your mesh network. Essentially, you’re transforming your server into a referee, or sideline arbiter.

    Blum also announced the release of PubNub Access Manager, server-less action control for your app. PAM allows you to manage granular permissions for your realtime apps and data. Feel free to check out our documentation on PubNub Security as well.

    Below is Stephen’s full presentation:

    Additional Authoritative Control and Security Resources

    We created a full working demo to you can see exactly how PAM works, and all the source code for the demo here.

    To learn more, check out the PAM Getting Started Guide and the PubNub Security Overview. You can also head to the Developer’s Portal to enable the feature and start testing.

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