Our New and Improved Admin Dashboard

2 min read Jeremy Pollock on Nov 8, 2019
Admin Dashboard.jpg
You may have noticed some new changes to the PubNub Admin Dashboard. If you haven’t, better get over there fast to check them out! We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’ve rolled out a number of changes aimed at giving you better visibility into how you’re using the PubNub platform on a daily basis. Here’s a snapshot of our new releases.

An Updated Usage Page: All Your PubNub Usage Metrics, Even Clearer

We wanted to make it easier for you to understand your use of all the PubNub APIs. Until now, the Usage page has contained only a subset of the data available in the PubNub platform. PubNub Usage Metrics, Even Clearer Too often, in order to dig into the details of usage, you would have to call up support or download a CSV file. With this release, all of the various metrics usage metrics you need are easily visible to you. You can still call support or download a CSV to work your own magic, but if you don’t want to then at just a glance you’ll get an overview of your complete usage of PubNub! PubNub Admin Dashboard Users

Say Hello to PubNub Chat

We’re launching a new product, PubNub Chat! PubNub Chat gives you the freedom to create rich chat experiences without sacrificing speed or flexibility. Use the same style of packaged SDKs and APIs you know and love while making it easier to use, manage, and scale. Say Hello to PubNub Chat To support this product, we’ve changed the PubNub Admin Dashboard to enable you to set up their applications and keys specially for this product. This means you’re going to see some different forms when creating applications and keys for the same applications you use today, but it’s not going to affect how you work with PubNub today.

Long Live the Long-lived Data Store, Now Made Easy with PubNub

We’re also officially releasing the App Context API, a long-lived data store for users and what we call “spaces.” This is a foundational component for creating user-centric connected shared experiences like chat, ride-sharing, and virtual classes and social collaborations. Now with App Context you can define more of your application “scaffolding” within our service, making for faster development and more seamless integration with the programmable layer of Functions. Say goodbye to building with PubNub while still slogging through deploying your own separate data storage architecture. Do it all on one simple platform. Keep an eye out as we unveil more new and exciting things in the coming weeks and months to give you the best PubNub customer experience possible!