Java SDK v4 Beta

2 min read Michael Carroll on May 27, 2016

We are happy to announce Version 4 of our Java SDK is ready for beta testing. Get it now!

The new Java SDK is completely rewritten from the ground up to be better, stronger, faster. You can almost hear the theme music from the Six Million Dollar Man, but you don’t need a bionic eye to see how great this update is.

Zoom into eye of the Six Million Dollar Man

Our updated Java SDK has a new architecture (like the iOS v4 SDKs), and can be used on any Java platform including Java SE, Java EE, and Android. Here are just a few of the many improvements

  • Reworked PubNub method invocation, each PubNub request is constructed via the builder / fluent API making it seamless to gradually construct requests.
  • Configuration knobs and feature flags are initialized in one seamless PubNub configuration via the PNConfiguration class.
  • Subscribe / Presence / Status messages are now coming through the global callbacks, introducing a design parity with iOS clients.
  • Supports the new v2 Publish / Subscribe API which allows server side message filtering configured by the client.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous executions for each PubNub method are now contained within the same initialized class .
  • Logging is enabled via a configurable inside PNConfiguration, debug jars are no longer required.
  • Reworked networking stack via the Retrofit and OkHTTP clients
  • Brand new cryptography stack and elimination of the bouncycastle dependency.
  • Unified distributables for Java and Android

Before we release the final version we’d like you to help us beta test it. Our software isn’t done until you say it is, so please try it out.