Five Innovative Real-Time Business Intelligence Tools

3 min read Developer Relations Team on Aug 30, 2013
Real-time Business Intelligence

This week, we published “Why Business Intelligence Tools Need a Real-time Service Provider,” looking at the emergence of real-time business intelligence tools as the industry standard. Business decision makers no longer have time to request and wait for data. They need the information as it happens, in real-time.

The following five real-time business intelligence tools do just that. Some encompass all business operations, from marketing to operations, while others look solely at a specific problem. Without further ado, 5 great real-time business intelligence tools:

DomoDomoDomo is business intelligence for everyone across an organization, from the C-Level, to finance, to IT, to Sales and Marketing, to Operations. For each role in a company, Domo offers a unique business intelligence solution. Domo’s goal is to provide business data without any IT involvement, believing that you shouldn’t have to wait for whatever information you need. Instead of digging through stacks of reports, looking through a inbox of already out of date attachments, or having to send requests to IT, Domo gives you the data you need, when you need it, all in real-time. Domo’s solutions include real-time updating dashboards and reports, fully customizable for whatever you need.

QuantConnectQuantConnectQuantConnect is a browser-based algorithmic trading and investment backtesting platform. Designed for financial engineers, known as Quants, users can code algorithms in the browser based IDE, then backtest their investment strategies and watch them play out in real-time. With 75% of the investment market being driven by computer systems, QuantConnect levels the playing field for individual traders. It’s innovative business intelligence for the trader.

CyfeCyfeCyfe offers an all-in-one dashboard for all things business intelligence, from social media to analytics, to marketing, to infrastructure. Instead of going between your countless amounts of real-time web analytics services, Cyfe boils down all the information you need onto one easy to view and analyze dashboard. Real-time reports allow users to share dashboards with management, customers, or really anyone they want. And for any office out there with a big plasma screen (aka every office in San Francisco), there’s TV mode to keep everybody in the loop.

PivotLinkRetailMETRIX by PivotLink – RetailMETRIX is real-time retail analytics on-demand that focuses on the point of view of the customer. With over 60 key performance indicators, retailers can analyze sales, operations, plans, and manage supply chain through a series of dashboards and reports. Advanced analytics include customer segmentation and product affinity. Overall, RetailMETRIX makes it easier to understand your customers and your retail business.

BirstBirst – Birst offers self-service reports, dashboards, and business analytics in real-time. With both unified business analytics and advanced analytics, Birst gives users the ability to customize, collaborate, and distribute real-time business intelligence across an organization. Using Birst Live Access, users can analyze and query their data even when data extraction is unavailable, and is compatible with big data frameworks including Hadoop and Cassandra.

So there you have it, five ways you can make your business smart. If you’re building your own real-time business intelligence tool, be sure to take a look at our Why Business Intelligence Tools Need a Real-time Service Provider blog for more information, or click the button below to get started for free. We have all the code to get you started on the right foot.

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