Build a Chat App with the PubNub Android SDK

This tutorial will walk you through developing a basic chat application in Kotlin using PubNub.  

Chat developers have a choice of using any of the PubNub SDKs directly or making use of the prebuilt UI components.  Whether you choose to use the SDK or chat components depends on your specific circumstances, please see our blog on the chat components for a discussion on which to use, and when.  This tutorial will focus on the Kotlin SDK and not the PubNub chat UI components designed for Kotlin.  

The source code for this application can be found on Github at



Before running this application, be sure you have the following installed:

  • Android Studio.  The application was created with version ‘chipmunk’ but should work with any recent version of the IDE.

Download Source Application

In a terminal, navigate to an empty folder.  Enter the following command to clone the repository:


The main git branch contains the completed version of this tutorial.  If you would like to follow along, please checkout the following branch:

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