Geolocation Tracking App Environment Setup

This application is written in JavaScript. You'll need a code editor or IDE (e.g. Visual Studio Code) and Git installed and API keys used throughout the tutorial.

Setup Git

You need Git to clone the Geolocation Tracking App from the GitHub repository.

Even if you have Git installed you may want to ensure that it’s the latest version. Follow the Getting Started - Installing Git guide to install Git.

Next, check the Git installation. Open your terminal and run the below command to ensure Git is installed. You should see a version number after you run the command:

Google Account

The Google Maps Platform requires an API key that you’ll need to configure and restrict in your Google Cloud account. Follow their documentation on how to obtain this API key.

OpenAI Account

You will be using PubNub's OpenAI to connect to ChatGPT to display information about the user's location. You’ll need to obtain your secret API Key to interact with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. You'll need to create an OpenAI account if you have not done so to acquire this API key. This will be securely stored when integrated into your application and is not shared with anyone.

Your development environment is now ready. Next, you need to configure your PubNub API keys for the Geolocation Tracking App. 

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