The Keysets section provides a way to configure PubNub features per each keyset. There are two ways to enter the Keysets section.

  • You can click on Keysets on the navigation column which will take you to this section and ask you to choose your app.

keysets overview

  • You can also go to the Keysets section with the app already chosen by clicking on the app in the Apps section.

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Feature configuration

When you choose an app, you can see all the keysets assigned to this app. After choosing a given keyset, you also see all configurable features available for this keyset, including:

Enabling functions

You cannot enable functions manually. They will be enabled automatically once a function is created and running.

Each feature contains a number of configurable parameters that influence how a given feature works. To learn more about the available configuration options, hover your mouse pointer over the underlined parameters to display tooltips or click the feature name.

Webhook configuration

On the Configuration tab, each PubNub feature that sends events (Presence, App Context, Mobile Push Notifications, and Message Persistence) has configurable webhook URLs to which you can forward those events.


Event payloads

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