The Usage section displays operational metrics. You can view metrics of all your apps or only of specific apps and keysets.

Current month

This chart displays statistics for month to date, split by:

  • Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • Message Sends & Receives
  • Average Daily Active Users
  • Total Transactions

current month usage

Apart from the current month usage stats, you can also have a much more in-depth look at statistics in a graphic form within these time ranges:

  • 24 hours
  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • 3 months
  • Range - this option allows you to choose a specific time range for which you want to display metrics.
Metrics retention time

Most of the metrics are kept for up to 90 days. Choosing a time range longer than 90 days may result in metrics displaying 0.

You can export the data into the.xlsx or .csv format for any of the time ranges apart from the 24 hours range.

Active Users by Time

This chart displays the number of active users by time.

active users by time

Messages Sent, Received, Retrieved

This chart displays the number of messages that have been sent, received, or retrieved. You can filter the graphic data representation by:

  • Messages published
  • Messages received due to subscription
  • Message retrieved

messages sent, received, retrieved

Functions Executions

This chart represents the number of functions executed by apps in a given time range.

Functions executions

Client Errors

This chart displays instances of failed transactions (those that don't result in 200 OK). You can filter the data by clicking one of the following buttons to only display error data relative to that transaction type:

  • Publish
  • Subscribe
  • History
  • Presence
  • Push
  • Channel Groups
  • Access Manager
  • Signals
  • Objects
  • Message Actions

Client errors

Unauthorized Access

This chart represents instances of access without an authorization token (works if Access Manager is enabled). The data graphic representation can be filtered by:

  • Publish
  • Subscribe
  • Signals
  • Objects
  • Message Actions

Unauthorized access

Usage Details

This chart displays a multitude of usage data, for example, the number of active channels or the total number of messages.

Tha Usage Details data is grouped in:

  • Users Messages
  • Functions
  • Core Transactions
Parameter descriptions

Parameters that are underlined in the Admin Portal UI contain tooltips. Hover over them to learn more.

details graph form details table form

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