Admin Portal

Admin Portal allows you to set up, configure, and inspect your apps and features offered by PubNub using a graphical user interface.

Sign up

Before you can log in, you need to create your PubNub account.

How to log in

PubNub offers these login options:

  • Login & password provided during the account setup
  • Google SSO
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

login page


After logging in, you are presented with the Admin Portal homepage. It gives you an overview of your keysets, apps to which they're connected, and usage metrics for your apps from the last 24 hours. Make sure to check out the Resources section that provides you links to useful information like PubNub's documentation, support pages with best practices, or developer resources.


You can switch between different sections using the left-hand side navigation.

Tab nameDescription
AppsCreate new apps and view existing ones.
KeysetsThe keysets section is split into two tabs.

  • On the Configuration tab, you can configure the features offered by PubNub, like Message Persistence, Presence, or Access Manager. You are automatically redirected to this section after choosing an app and a keyset associated with this app.
  • On the Get Started tab, you can choose one of the popular frameworks and view its documentation. It's also the first section you see after your log in to Admin Portal.
FunctionsCreate new functions or manage the already existing ones.
Events & ActionsCreate new or manage the existing Event Listeners and Actions.
UsageView metrics for your account in a given time range.
Debug consoleDebug your application with clients created directly in the browser.

My Account

By clicking My Account, a sub-menu with different sections is displayed where you can view or change various settings related to your PubNub account.

GeneralShows general details regarding your account on PubNub's Admin Portal.
Account settingsShows various account settings like the option to choose a region in which you want to store your data.
Single Sign-OnIf your account doesn't have the Single Sign-On feature enabled, this menu item will direct you to a support request to enable it. Once configured, only the account admin is able to access the configuration section for security reasons.
UsersUser management on your account where you can add new users, choose their roles, and invite them to use Admin Portal.
Plans and billingAdd payment information and check your current pricing and support plans. The Pricing plans tab allows you to change your current pricing plan and shows the differences between them.
Invoices & costs (Paid users only)Displays previous invoices as well as current month's costs.
SupportAllows for accessing the support contact form.
Log outLogs you out of Admin Portal.

Invoices & costs

As mentioned previously, this tab, located inside the Plans and billing section, shows previous invoices as well as the current month's costs. This allows you, for example, to gauge whether the current month is similar to the previous cost-wise.

The section is split into the following views:

portal plans & billing section

Current and past invoices

This section provides information on both previously paid and yet-to-be-paid invoices. If you paid only for a share of an invoice, this section also shows how much is left to pay.

portal invoices section

Month-to-date/Daily breakdown

This section displays different data based on the selected tab. It's split into two separate graphs. One graph shows your costs up to date either on a monthly or daily basis, while the other one shows your cost breakdown by PubNub features that you have enabled, for example, Function Execution.

These graphs allow you to see if the current month is getting close to how much you paid in previous months, it is below that cost, or maybe already over the average amount of your invoices.

portal monthly costs

portal daily costs

Cost predictions

The Total month-to-date cost chart displays the estimated invoice amount at the end of the current month.

The predicted invoice amount is calculated based on the past three months of account usage. This estimation provides visibility into the invoice amount at the end of the current month if the traffic pattern remains the same.

predicted costs


The predicted cost line on the chart only appears for paid accounts that have at least three months of traffic data available.

The end-of-the-month prediction becomes more accurate as the month progresses. 85% of predictions are over 90% accurate if checked in the middle of the month. Any special events, discounts or credits, and other abnormalities to steady usage growth in the past three months impact the predictions.

For best prediction results, we recommend using a monthly billing period.

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