Create webhook action

Logs from Functions

You can use the Webhook action to export logs from your Functions. Read the docs for more information.

  1. In the Events & Actions view on the Admin Portal, create an action by clicking the + Add Action button.

  2. Click Webhook to select it as the action type.

  3. Put the URL of your Webhook under Configuration.

    Webhook URL

  4. Optionally, create custom headers (if your webhook requires authorization).

  5. Optionally, enable and configure Batching.

  6. Optionally, enable and configure retries through the Webhook retry option.

  7. Pair your action with an event listener without leaving the Actions view. To do this, click the Add event listener button and select an existing event listener or create a new one.

  8. Save your newly created action by clicking the Save changes button.

Webhook payloads

For more information, refer to Webhook payloads.

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